3D modeling has now taken the survey point from the field and made it a true model upon which to build. The plan is no longer just the presentation of the design, it is the design. Modeling gives the design an opportunity to build the site before a shovel ever touches the ground.  This insures that buildings are sized right,  grading works and pipes fit and don't conflict. Eliminating the opportunity for error and providing better economy, higher accuracy and more efficiency for your next project.  Find out what 3D modeling can do for you.


You can no longer afford stormwater to be an afterthought for your project.  Stormwater must be integrated into the design of your site for it to be effective, aesthetically pleasing, and economical.  Attempts to fit all the stormwater requirements into a corner of a site is a thing of the past and simply creates a nuisance for the owner, end users, municipalities and general public to deal with long after the designer is out of the picture.  Find out how integrating stormwater into your landscaping, site layout and design concept can add enhance your project and save you money in future maintenance costs.  

PJ Martin Engineering

was proudly found in 2014 with the concept that time and technology has changed.  Now it is time to reinvent the local Engineering Firm and the best way to do that is to start fresh.  New ideas and concepts integrated into a age old profession, born and raised with the same old fashion values as your community.  That's change you can count on.


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